Anthony W. Duvas: The Benefits of Volunteering

As senior director of development for planned giving at Georgia Regents University, Anthony W. Duva manages all gift giving activities for the Children’s Medical Center, the Medical College of Georgia and the Cancer Research Center. With a background and vast experience in philanthropy, Anthony W. Duva also serves as a volunteer for several outreach programs in his local community. Mr. Duva has been recognized for his volunteer efforts since 1980, both in his church and as his home county’s G.E.D. Volunteer of the Year.

Here are a few of the benefits of volunteering.

Greater life satisfaction – Research has found that volunteering provides a number of benefits, including an improved social psychological state, a greater sense of purpose and accomplishment, and a reduced risk for depression and disease.

Improved physical well-being – According to the Americans’ Changing Lives survey, volunteers have been known to experience greater levels of happiness, self-esteem, and more control over their lives.

Longer lifespan – Researchers have found that individuals with chronic illnesses receive greater benefits from volunteering than what they would receive from a medical professional. Studies also show that those who volunteer have a lower mortality rate than those who don’t.


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