About Anthony Duva

Anthony Duva serves as the Associate Vice President for Gift Planning at Georgia Health Sciences University, formerly known as the Medical College of Georgia. He accepted the position in 2003, drawing upon his extensive talents in law, fundraising, human resources, economics, management, and finance. Anthony Duva assists in governing several departmental units, including the Annual Giving program, Corporate & Foundation Relations, the President’s Partnership Program, Alumni Affairs, Major Gifts, and Prospect Research. Mr. Duva also takes primary responsibility for donors’ planned gifts and estate planning activities.

Anthony Duva received his JD from the University of Florida’s Levin College of Law in December of 1973. He started offering his services as an attorney in 1974. Building his expertise in a variety of fields, Anthony Duva concentrated his efforts into matters of legal strategy, property law, regulatory and health law, contracts, legal writing, and commercial law. Nominated for a judgeship in 1976, he became the youngest attorney to receive that honor. In 1991, Mr. Duva started a legal consulting firm called Duva Limited. Through this venture, Anthony Duva offers his knowledge to clients while aiding them with operations, strategic planning, management, and logistics.

In addition to his legal career, Anthony Duva proved his abilities as a development executive for government and private entities. In 1994, he accepted a post as Chief Development Officer and Chief Operating Officer for the Florida Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. Over the next four years, Anthony Duva helped the venture acquire approximately $2 million in public funding and $4 million in private gifts. In 1998, Mr. Duva transferred his talents to PREMIERE Center for Cosmetic Surgery, where he doubled gross revenue in two years.


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